Podebrady and its surroundings

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Czech republic

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Podebrady and its surroundings

The Spa Town Podebrady is situated in the picturesque lowlands of the river Labe not far from Prague. A very important personality for the developonent of the town was king Georg of Podebrady, who awarded the settlement in 1472 the status of town. Another very important event was in 1905 when there were discovered the mineral springs at the estate of the Count Hohenlohe and in 1908 the spa was open for the public.
Podebrady (190 m above the sea level) with its situation in the river Labe lowlands belongs to the warmest area in the CR , the weather is stable and so it can serve as a place for peaceful relaxation and sport activites.
For relaxation there is available the spa park with colonnade, paths slony the river Labe the wood - park Obora, a trip by boat King Georg or visits to some culture places - sights.

The sights

For sport lovers

Health Procedures:

You can join your stay in Podebrady with health procedures in the spa, use the spa swimming pool and the salt cave for your relaxation. Do not forget to try our local mineral water "Podebradka".

Podebrady and its surroundings Podebrady and its surroundings Podebrady and its surroundings